Portrait de Monica Brignone – Professeure des écoles à Collegno (Italie)

My name’s Monica Brignone.

I’ve been teaching since 1992: 21 years in Primary school, the rest in Secondary school. My students now are  11 / 14 years old. My school is called Don Minzoni Gramsci. It’s situated in Collegno, a city near Turin. The school is composed by two quite distant buildings: I teach in the building called Scuola Gramsci: we have 10 classes.

Teaching has been my dream and desire since I was very young: I feel well among pupils and I like learning new things with my students. Each class has its history and its challenges: we grow up all together.

I’ve immediately accepted to come on board the Declaration for the Planet’s Rights because I’m convinced that learning passes through real experiences and school must be connected to the real world.

Our students are happy to participate and curious about the project. They’re sensible to the topic of sustainability and they worked on it last year (Project Comunit-azione, Comune di Collegno). They wanted to get the area in front of the school free from cars and they organized a gentle sensibilisation of the drivers with posters and flowers…

In my opinion, good life needs peace and patience. Our Planet, as well as every single person in the world, needs respect and sensitivity. I think we can improve life on Earth through knowledge and collaboration among people. For these reasons, I like reading books by authors of every part of the world, in particular I adore female writers from India and Africa.