Portrait de Melita Androlic – Professeure de Chimie à Dubrava (Croatie)

How long have you been teaching (your topic) ?

I’m teaching biology and chemistry for 16 years.

  1. How old are your students ?

My students are 11 – 14 years old.

  1. Could you please give information about your school/college like localisation, economy, standard of living …

Our school is small. We have 431 student. It’s a public school, established 1787. It’s placed in a village Dubrava, wich have approximately 1500 inhabitants, located in Zagreb County, about 45 km from Zagreb, our Capital city. Dubrava is established 1093., Economy is poor, many inhabitants moved out, there is no big firms, mostly familly based. It’s an agricultural area. Standard of living is low, but it’s beautiful and healty environment to live.

  1. Why did you choose to teach ?

 I find it very challenging, yet very important job. I love to explore „little minds“ and help them to grow, to find what they like and what is interresting to them. To help them on their development path. I also love science.

  1. Why have you accepted to come on board the Declaration for the Planet’s Rights?

I think it’s very important subject for all of us,  for people arround the world. And the most important is that we have to do something for our Planet,  for our children, for our future. And children must be involved in decision making of their future, of their lives. I want my children to live in heltier place.

  1. How did your students and administration react when you explained the project ?

Everybody was very excited about it. They also think it’s important.

  1. How are your students aware about climate change ?

They are aware of ecologic problems and climate change. They are sensible on that global problem. They are aware because the informations about it is all around them, in all media and in the school subjects and projects.

  1. What do you expect regarding the text of the Declaration ?

I expect that grown ups will try to change things on better. Goverments must react to childrens pray and do something about theese great global problem.

  1. What would you say about the role of school regarding climate change ?

School role is very important because they partly shape childrens opinion and must rise awareness among population about nature and climate changes. And teachers know how to make children easier to understand the problem and to make them curious to find solutions.

  1. Do you have any short story about environment and your students ?

Each year we participate in cleaning forests and district area near school, we have projects about Water day and Earth day and Ozone layer day.

  1. Do you have a mantra ? a favorite song ? favorite author ? food ? hobby ?

My mantra: Where is the will, there’s a way.

  Favorite song: What if God was one of us

 Favorite authors: Lois  McMaster Bujold, Stephanie Meyers, Jean M. Auel

 Favorite food: pancakes, fruits

  Hobby: cycling, reading, relaxation with friends, playing with my sons, swimming