Portrait de Susanne Osthövener – professeure de Français à Oldenburg (Allemagne)

    How long have you been teaching (your topic) ?
    I‘m teaching french and biology since 1998.
    I‘ve been working on the project Declaration of Planet‘rights  for 3 weeks to prepare the exchange with our french partner school.

    How old are your students ?

    15 or 16

    Could you please give information about your school/college like
    localisation, economy, standard of living …

    Our school is situated in the center of Oldenburg in northern Germany. It was build in 1573. We actually have 950 students beeing aged from 10 to 19.

    Susanne Osthovener & Elsa Da Costa-Grangier

    Why did you choose to teach ?
    I enjoy working with students on projects to see their developpement and their growth after having finished their task.

    Why have you accepted to come on board the Declaration for the Planet’s Rights ?
    Because it‘s a great idea and pleasure to work together with 14 european classes. In times of increasing nationalisms in Europe it is an opportunity to show them the importance of an united Europe

     How did your students and administration react when you explained the project ?
    They  were very interessted and agreed immediately.

    How are your students aware about climate change ?
    As a result of media presence and the importance of this topic in many subjects (geography, biology, languages) we had a good starting point.

    What do you expect regarding the text of the Declaration ?
    We want to create more awareness for this topic and our aim is to involve everybody everywhere and every day in saving our planet and our future.

    What would you say about the role of school regarding climate change ?
    School has to inform and to guide students. School can help them to share their ideas and experiences , to learn frommeach other and to change their habits and to improve their lifestyles.

    Do you have any short story about environment and your students ?
    I was  glad when they decided to change the lyrics of Beds are burning (Midnight Oil) into „Trees are burning“ to use another way of communication to transmit their message to their families, teachers and other students.

    Do you have a mantra ? a favorite song ? favorite author ? food ? hobby?
    Souris à la vie et elle te sourira

    Your favorite song ?
    Greatest love of all (W. Houston), The rose (B. Middler) Trees are burning ????
    I like music.